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Five-Year History and Notice


Traffic Regulation Ordinance No. 2023 -奥德- 006

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“Advance (Early) Voting” 


Spalding County 政府 Offices will be closed. 星期一和星期二,
December 25th and 26th, 2023, in observance of the Christmas Holidays.








Employee Information

人员条例 – This document explains all aspects of County employment.

G-4 State Withholding Tax Form needs to be returned either by email to 白芷Byard or 凯瑞娅威廉姆斯, by fax to 678-734-3142 or delivered to 人力资源.
Federal tax forms and other demographic changes can be made through the Employee Self Service Portal (ESS).

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • 2023 Holiday Schedule
  • Leave Balances are maintained in the Novatime System ONLY.
    Employee Web Access to Novatime System
  • Employee Self Service Portal – Employee portal for updating demographic information, federal tax withholding, 直接存款, and viewing previous paychecks.
  • Direct Deposit allows employees to designate money to multiple accounts. Direct Deposit notifications are e-mailed to employees one day prior to pay day. Final paychecks are not sent by 直接存款; final paychecks are picked up from your Department Head/Supervisor.


  • Deductibles are based on a calendar year, January 1 – December 31.
  • Dependents may be added or removed from insurance during the plan year if you experience a Qualifying Event.
    • Qualifying events include birth/adoption/death, marriage/divorce/legal separation, gaining/losing employment, gaining/losing eligibility for benefits, 等.
      Proper documentation MUST be submitted to the Human Resource Office within 30 days of the qualifying event.
  • Insurance becomes effective on the 1st day of the month following 30 calendar days of employment. Premiums are paid a month in advance
  • Open Enrollment is in May of each year. Elections/Changes become effective July 1st of each year.


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided to full-time employees and their immediate family members and provides six free visits per concern with a licensed counselor. Counseling by phone is available 24/7, 1-800-865-1044, or appointments may be scheduled.
  • 维珍脉冲 is a well-being program available to full time employees that gives employees the tools to get active, 获得健康, 并得到奖励.
  • Wellness Program – Spalding County is concerned about the health and wellness of our employees. 看到 page 13 in your Benefits Handbook for ways to earn up to $700 in health rewards.  


  • Effective January 1, 2019 our retirement plan is a mandatory contributory Defined Benefit Plan.  Calculation of benefits include a 2% multiplier and the plan effective date for current DB participants will be January 1, 2007, or date of hire if hired after January 1, 2007.  该计划包括 强制性的 contribution of 2% for Regular employees and 4% for 公共安全 (certified Firefighters and POST Mandated Law Enforcement Officers with Arrest Powers).  公共安全  includes an early out retirement provision using a 75 rule with a minimum age of 50.
  • Deferred Compensation is available and is 100% funded by the Employee. You may begin contributions at any time; contributions are made on either a pre-tax basis or after-tax (Roth) basis. Deferred Compensation is NOT a savings account and is NOT available for withdrawal until your employment ends.
  • Emergency retirement withdrawal: Withdrawals from the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan due to financial hardship of an unforeseeable nature are allowed on a very limited basis, and only if the application and supporting documentation demonstrate that the request meets Plan and IRS regulations. 看到 attached form for instructions.